It Doesn't Have to Hurt

Our Work

Our innovative knowledge translation activities bring together researchers, parents, digital media experts, and other stakeholders to develop, implement, and evaluate branded social media campaigns to bring research to parents.

We also conduct original grant-funded research on a range of topics in children’s pain management, with a focus on developmental, psychological, and family factors.


Making a difference for kids in pain

Our research is looking to understand stakeholders' needs for successfully engaging in activities to make a difference in children’s pain.

Pain in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

We looked at factors that contribute to resilience and risk in youth with JIA pain and their caregivers.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and treatment-related pain

We wanted to better understand parent perspectives of arthritis- and treatment-related pain in children.

Social media for health researchers

We completed a needs assessment with health researchers and trainees about their social media use.

Needles don't have to hurt

We asked parents to tell us what they think about a knowledge translation tool for managing their child's vaccination pain.

Can a robot help kids with their blood test?

We're making getting a blood test better at the IWK Health Centre's blood clinic.

Pain in childhood cancer survivors

We learned more about pain in childhood cancer survivors.

Parenting with chronic pain

We're learning more about parents who have chronic pain and their children in this study.

Risk and resilience in children of parents with chronic pain

We learned more about parents who have chronic pain and their children.

The role of siblings in children's pain

We're learning more about sibling relationships and pain.

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Centre for Pediatric Pain Research
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