It Doesn't Have to Hurt

How does parents’ chronic pain affect their children?

“Parenting is a tough job. It’s hard enough when things are going well – imagine trying to parent while experiencing chronic pain.”

Kristen Higgins shares her research of a recently published systematic review on parenting with chronic pain in this Body in Mind blog post.



Higgins, K. S., Birnie, K. A., Chambers, C. T., Wilson, A. C., Caes, L., Clark, A. J., Lynch, M., Stinson, J., & Campbell-Yeo, M. (2015). Offspring of parents with chronic pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis of pain, health, psychological, and family outcomesPAIN156, 2256-2266. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000293


IWK Health Centre
Centre for Pediatric Pain Research
Dalhousie University