It Doesn't Have to Hurt

Cassie and Friends: The impact of JIA pain and its treatments on parents

“Every furrow of her brow makes me want to stop”

If you have ever struggled to give your child an injection or to manage your child’s – or your own – emotions about their treatments, you are not alone! 

In the lead up to our Methotrexate session, we talked with Yvonne Brandelli, PhD Student, Dalhousie University about her research looking at the impact of JIA pain and its treatments on parents. 

“Through my research, we identified several ways JIA treatments impact parents, from their overall well-being to effects on their relationships” said Brandelli. “We also found that parents who feared their child’s pain tended to report more difficulties consistently following their child’s treatment plans – particularly when their child was receiving more painful treatments like injections.”

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Centre for Pediatric Pain Research
Dalhousie University