It Doesn't Have to Hurt


The Chambers Lab made a splash at the Annual General Meeting for the Canadian Pain Society, which was held in Banff, Alberta in May 2023.

Missed the event? Check out our posters presented at the meeting below (click on the image to view at a larger size):


Development of a Tool for Navigating Institutional Barriers to Patient Partner Compensation in Pediatric Pain Research (B.T. Cormier, J.A. Parker,  I. Jordan,  C.T. Chambers, K. Strain,  Y.N. Brandelli,  N.E. MacKenzie, & E.M. Wildeboer)


Expertise from Experience – Building capacity in trainees to implement patient partnerships in pain research (I. Jordan, C.T. Chambers, & J.A. Parker) 


Factors perceived as supporting successful knowledge mobilization in pediatric pain: A qualitative matrix analysis of healthcare partner perspectives (N.E. MacKenzie , C.T. Chambers , C.E. Cassidy , P.V. Corkum , M.E. McGrady , J.A. Parker , & K.A. Birnie)


Pain in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A systematic review of psychosocial factors (Y.N. Brandelli, C.T. Chambers, S.P. Mackinnon, J.A. Parker , A.M. Huber, J.N. Stinson , E.M. Wildeboer , J. Wilson , & O. Piccolo)

Understanding the Experiences of Parents Engaged as Partners in Co-Created Knowledge Mobilization Initiatives in Children’s Pain (E.M. Wildeboer, C.T. Chambers, N.E. Mackenzie, P.R. Tutelman, J. Dol, I. Jordan, J.A. Parker, J.N. Stinson, & E. Ehm)

IWK Health Centre
Centre for Pediatric Pain Research
Dalhousie University